Page twenty.

Today was a struggle. I just stared a blank page for several hours while I watched Bonanza. Bonanza is such a great show.

I know where I want to go, I’m just struggling to get there. My first plot point is another phone call to Sam, but I wanted it to start on or near page 30.

I don’t mind when creative rules are broken, but Syd Field has it locked down with his formulas for writing a screenplay. I don’t think it’s wise to re-write the book on how to write a script unless you’re pretty confident on what works. I’m not, so I’ll stick to the formula and hit my plot points on page 30 and 60. Thank you very much.

If you’re interested in writing a screenplay, I highly recommend Syd Field’s book.

(page 20)

Sam is looking over a spreadsheet and typing numbers into a typewriter that spits out a receipt. He pulls the receipt out and puts it on a stack of cash. He takes a rubber band and wraps it around the money.

Martin walks in.

Sam looks up and then goes about what he was doing. He spins in his chair and puts the money into a mid-size safe. He closes the safe and spins the wheel to lock it.

Did you take care of the girl?

Yeah, she’s fine.

Fucking, Dino. I wonder what he’s gotten himself into? How’s the girl?

She’s a real looker, boss. Stunning.

Oh yeah? Is she worth your life?

No piece of ass is worth that.

So many dumb people walking around. No wonder this country is going to shit. Here’s the register.

Martin picks up the cash drawer for the register and leaves the office.

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