Pages eighteen and nineteen.

Boy, the internet is amazing. You would never believe how many words and phrases I have to look up to make sure I’m spelling or quoting them right. A quick Google search and voilà! Even wordpress’s proofread ability saves my ass. I have no idea why so many people misspell simple words on Facebook. Doesn’t every browser have an automatic spellcheck? I’m sure I’m guilty of using the wrong words, such as to, too or then, than or its, it’s, but poor spelling is prevalent online and should it be? I feel sorry for teachers.

Anyways, it’s nice being so many pages ahead of schedule. I admit, if you stick to a routine and know you have to write, it comes out easier. I was in a writing group and we had to have ten pages every three weeks. I’m pretty sure all of us wrote the ten pages the day before or the day of and, because of the stop-start writing process, only one of us actually finished a script (and we were able to turn it into the feature film, Hellphone! Check it out here or better yet, buy it here). So having to feed this blog everyday has definitely helped me be more productive. We’ll worry about the quality later.

(pages 18 & 19)

Martin walks down the hall of an apartment complex.

Martin arrives at an apartment and rings the doorbell.

SHERRY, 20s, a very attractive female, opens the door as far the chain lock lets her. She peeks from behind the door.

What the hell do you want?

Ah, good. You do remember me. Dino wanted me to pick you up.

You’re fucking crazy if you think I’m going anywhere with you.

Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

Let me get my things.

Sherry closes the door. Martin puts his ear to the door to try to listen in.


Sherry picks up the phone and dials 911. She walks into the kitchen and takes out a chef’s knife.

Nine-one-one, what’s the emergency?

Yeah, hi police? I have an intruder at my apartment.

Are you at the East English Apartments, apartment number two twenty-seven?

Yes, Ma’am.

Martin kicks the door in with one swift kick.

Oh, God, he just kicked the door in! Please hurry!

Sherry drops the phone.

Stay away from me! I’ll cut you. I don’t care.

Martin continues to casually walk towards her.

Why do you have to make this more difficult than it needs to be? We have no interest in hurting you. We’re only protecting our investment.

Sherry takes the knife and quickly lunges at Martin. Martin swiftly grabs the knife hand, twists her arm behind her and forces her to drop the knife. He then puts her into a headlock until she passes out.

Martin slings Sherry over his shoulder and walks out of the apartment.


Martin whistles as he carries Sherry down the hallway and to the elevator. He pushes the down button. There is no one around. The elevator door opens and he enters.


Martin whistles while the elevator descends from the twenty-second floor.


Two POLICE OFFICERS enter one of the elevators just as the other elevator opens up for Martin and Sherry. The Officers never see him as he walks out of the apartment complex whistling.

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