Halloween parties

I recently recorded a second Halloween party for a friend. Those that know me know that I don’t like doing live events but for the right price or a friend I don’t mind so much. It’s not that I’m miserable doing them, but the margin of error is so slim that if you miss it you’re screwed and I don’t like failing. Imagine filming a wedding and missing her say “I do” because of a dead battery or imagine filming the entire event on a defective card (which I’ve done before, but it was on a set so it wasn’t dire). That’s a lot of pressure and there are those out there that are good at it. I am not. Anyways, this shoot wasn’t as important as a wedding but there’s a little bit of stress associated with it because people other than me expect results.

When I got the footage home from the party, I was less than thrilled. Because the room we were shooting in had brown walls and not having filters for my lights everything was orange. I knew it while I was shooting it, but I couldn’t fix it. I just white balanced and hoped to fix in post. Thankfully, because of a kind donation from Hellphone, I recently received Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Mojo and got my first opportunity to use this brilliantly made software. I was going to show a little before and after color correction, but maybe some other time.

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