Exciting times…

A couple of big time events are currently happening for me. The first one is the premiere of Hellphone has been announced for November 16th at the Carousel in Greensboro. It’s a full length feature that I operated second camera on last summer. It’s a small budget film with big time special effects, great performances and great action. Be sure to catch it.

The other exciting event is that I’m the director of photography for the latest web series episode of Roomies. Roomies is a comedy, created by Slade Blackburn, using puppets and is in the vein of South Park. It’s one of the funniest series on the internet and I’m extremely excited to be shooting this. This will be the first episode of Roomies in HD! Check out Roomies on youtube and be sure to subscribe to Jive Mechanic Films website. Hopefully, the latest episode will be up within the next several months. Stay tuned!

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