I want to be Vincent Freeman

One of my favorite films of all time is the science fiction Gattaca. According to this movie, in the future our lives are preordained for us based on our genetics. One of the characters, Vincent (played by Ethan Hawke), battles against the assumption that we’re only as good as our DNA suggests. Over ninety plus minutes, Vincent evades detection, proves us otherwise and blah blah blah…..he’s victorious. Just as Vincent is achieving his goal of being on a mission to Saturn’s moon Titan, the movie ends. And that’s where my blog begins.

I think it would be amazing to travel into outer space. Unfortunately, I was born too soon as space exploration for the common man is out of the question. It seems like it’s right around the corner, but I doubt it will happen before I die. So my friend, Stephen van Vuuren, has decided to do the next best thing: make an IMAX film of space flight. And not a typical Star Trek CGI fake rendition, but the true to life deal. He’s using images taken directly from the Cassini-Huygens satellite and blowing them up and stringing them together to create the effect of fly through motion. If you’ve ever seen an IMAX film before, you know the best part about them is the feeling of actually being there. That’s why I think Stephen’s film, Outside In, will be amazing. I’ve actually had the pleasure of watching some of Stephen’s test footage on the IMAX and it’s breathtaking. Watch the teaser below:

Recently, Outside In, has caught fire online and now has over a million hits and has been boasted about on multiple blogs in many languages and news stations. I’m not sure if the excitement is about having an IMAX film that actually takes you through space or over the fact that Stephen is making this in his basement for about three hundred thousand dollars. Maybe it’s a mixture of both. Recently, I sat down with Stephen to talk a little about the process and how he came up with the idea to make an IMAX film. Below is the first video of a short series of videos with questions I plan on asking him about the process: