An evening with Messersmith.

Last Monday, Jeremy Messersmith stopped by our house to perform for his Supper Club Tour. We had some great food, great wine, made some new friends and had a great time. Oh yeah, and he played some music.

The first thing he did was give us a nice gift for us offering our home for the tour.

Apparently, he’s a mushroom hunter. I verified that he knew what he was doing (I’d hate to die from eating a poisonous mushroom. I’d rather die from spontaneous combustion). He assured me that he did, but I’m still waiting to hear news from a killing spree by mushroom toting musician. If I don’t hear anything soon, I’ll take a nibble.

He was also gracious enough to sign my albums and take a few photos.

My girlfriend* took this photo, hence the soft focus..

I’m happy that I got some new photos for the portfolio:

And finally, I recorded him playing a little:

And here he is showing a sense of humor:

*note to self, only let pros handle my gear

Jeremy Messersmith supper club tour.

I love music. I love concerts. But I’m not particularly fond of large concerts. I don’t like being a half mile away from the act and barely being able to see them. And most large venues have horrible acoustics. So I like to discover great bands/artists early, see them when they’re in small intimate venues and not bother when they get too big to play the small clubs anymore. So when one of my new favorite artists announced a house party tour, I jumped right in.

Recently, Jeremy Messersmith announced he was going to do a supper club tour. It’s going to be a house party where guests have to make a dish and pass it around like a potluck, but with Jeremy performing in the house. How freaking cool is that!? So when I saw he was coming to North Carolina, I got excited and offered my home for the supper club tour. After a few e-mails with his manager, it’s been finalized and he’ll be playing in my home on November 19th. If you’re in the Winston-Salem area, you should get some tickets and swing by. It’s going to kick ass.

If you have some time, check out his music on his website and check out this song on soundcloud. Below is one of my favorite music videos.

Jeremy Messersmith – Tatooine from Eric Power on Vimeo.