Black Widow

I almost walked into a black widow as I entered my attic. Thankfully, I noticed something black hanging just above my head before just before I did. I took a photo with my iPhone so I could send it to my brothers. Hahahaha. What a joke. I had to break out the macro to actually see what I was shooting.

Black Widow

Then I made this to show why the iPhone shouldn’t be used for most photos:

DSLR vs. iPhone

I’m sure the camera phones will get just as good as an SLR, but it’s still a ways away.

Spider wrapping dinner

I’m still working on the photos I took while shooting this spider.

This one was shot with a 100mm macro with an extension tube. Then I cropped the photo. I don’t know how people know which percent it was cropped so I don’t know how to tell you. I just know that this is about a third of the original size.