New Year’s resolution

I’ll admit it — I’m lazy. I have a great life and am pretty content with everything the way it is, so my ambition and drive isn’t what it should be. I don’t worry about kids (don’t have ’em), mortgage (girlfriend pays it), food (it’s fairly cheap) or vehicle (paid off). About the only thing I worry about lately is the health and happiness of my parents and my girlfriend’s parents. It’s time to make a change.

This year, I have only one goal: to have a script ready to shoot in 2013. I have several things I’d like to achieve on my bucket list and directing a feature length film is the number one thing on it. So this year I’m going to attack it with vigor. And I’m going to use this blog to help me.

Every day, I’m going to share with the readers a page of the script with my notes and insights. I’d love to get responses, comments and ideas on how to make it better. Think of it as one big world wide writing group.

Basically, the blog idea is to keep me from being lazy. I figure if I have to have something to share with people then I better have something to share. I’m only lazy on a personal level. When it comes to work, I work. I mean, when I had a job, I busted my ass and I don’t think there’s anyone that would say differently. Except maybe that one job at Fuddruckers. Sorry, Mary. So I think this plan will take me out of my comfort level and force me to be creative, and more importantly, just work.

I still haven’t decided which script to write yet, so that will be my objective for tomorrow. I do know that I’ll be working with a micro budget. I don’t have financing yet, but I believe I can raise at least $50,000, if not more. So I’d like to keep that number in mind when writing (that means no car crashes). And since it’s a low number, I’d like to have as few characters as possible. In low budget films, acting is usually the worst thing in them, and I’d like that to be a strength in mine. So the less actors, the better odds.

Here are some of my ideas (I may select based on feedback of what people would like to watch):

1) A widower’s life begins to spiral out of control when he begins to gamble away his life savings and gets in deep with the mob.

2) Burdened by debt, a young man begins to lose his sanity as his life gets more and more difficult every day.

3) After he discovers his girlfriend has been raped, a student surgeon exacts revenge.