Favorites from 2012

I told myself I wouldn’t do the movie/music reviews anymore (I used to on an old blog), because there are so many people out there doing that already (I recommend James Berardinelli), but I get asked a lot because I’m in the industry. So I thought I would just post a list of the best movies/music I saw/listened to this year. And these titles aren’t limited to release date, but what I actually discovered this year.

Favorite Movies/TV (in no order):

The Best:

Silver Linings Playbook
Wake in Fright
The Man From Nowhere
Battlestar Galactica
Fullmetal Alchemist

Very Good:

21 Jump Street
The Cabin in the Woods
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Avengers
Premium Rush
Django Unchained

Favorite Performances:

Jack Black in Bernie
Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike
Bérénice Marlohe in Skyfall

Favorite Albums:

Silversun Pickups: Neck of the Woods
Lana Del Rey: Born to Die
The Lumineers: The Lumineers
fun.: Some Nights
Ellie Goulding: Halcyon
Beach House: Bloom
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra: Theatre is Evil
Youth Lagoon: The Year of Hibernation

Favorite Songs*:

Diamonds by Rihanna
Angels by The xx
Heartbreak on the 101 by Band Of Horses
Too Close by Alex Clare
Paper Moon #5 by Jeremy Messersmith
Same Love by Ryan Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

If you think I’ve missed something this year, please comment. If I’m flat wrong, please tell me why. Remember, art is subjective.

*I left off songs from my favorite albums. There’s so many great songs on those, this list would have went on forever.

Page three

It’s not lighting the world on fire, but I’ll take Stephen King’s suggestion and just keep writing no matter how crappy it is. Hopefully, by the end, it’ll be a decent script. I still have to figure out a funny story for page two.

(page three)
Jimmy stands up and leads Martin through the restaurant, towards the kitchen.

What is it?

We found Dino.

Good. Where was he?

He was staying with a girlfriend.


Jimmy and Martin continue the conversation into the kitchen.

How did you find his girlfriend’s location?

His wife told us.

The sounds of banging pots and pans, food sizzling and cooks shouting goes unnoticed by Jimmy and Martin as they make their way through it to a pair of steps that lead into the basement.


The basement is dark and dingy with cheap wood shelves built to store the restaurant’s supplies. There are small puddles of water in the basement.

Jimmy and Martin descend the steps into the basement.

They walk through the basement to a door located in the back.

Martin knocks.
PERRY, 50s, a very large man, opens a sliver and peers out. He see’s that it’s Martin and he opens the door.