Work sucks.

I just noticed it’s been a month since I last posted. Sheesh. Unfortunately, I have to take jobs I don’t like so I can do the things I do like. I was holed up in a clinic for three days and I struggled to find the inspiration to write. I still haven’t felt like writing since I’ve been back. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I keep telling myself. Before long, twenty years has passed.

Anyways, more will be coming soon. I’m struggling to find a bridge from act 2 to 3, so I’m going to work backwards.

If you have time, check out two Kickstarter campaigns I recently funded:

One is from my friend and fellow photographer Eric Cousineau who’s working on capturing a dying part of American history. Click the link here. If you think he’s asking for too much, remember that he’s using real film, he has to get the books printed and gas is expensive. It’s a great project that will be more appreciated by future generations.

Another is from a local theater company whose play was accepted for the NY Fringe Festival. Click the link here. Theater is hard to fund because the only benefit you get is the satisfaction you helped out, but they’re not asking for much and they’re nice people.