Waiting for the train.

I’m sitting in an Amtrak station waiting for the train. I’m going to the Greek embassy in D.C. to apply for my dual citizenship. I’ve tried contacting them through e-mail and phone but it’s been hopeless; they’ve returned neither.

I’ve always wanted to live in Greece. I’d always hoped to live in my family’s home, but several years ago they sold it. Now, I want to live off the Mediterranean in Thessaloniki for about six months and even get a job. I want to be there long enough to learn the language. Being Greek and not speaking it is very difficult. Most Greeks just assume I know it and it’s always embarrassing to tell them I don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do this; too many responsibilities just to leave.

A lot has gone on recently, with the passing of my father and my girlfriend’s father, it’s been a tumultuous past few months. I’m ready for some normalcy. I’ve thought recently about what I wanted out of this blog and whether or not I wanted to keep it going. I agree with many that most blogs are narcissistic and are only there to feed egos and it perpetuates the culture of me me me, but I often finds blogs that I love that teach me news things or they help me to look at things from different perspectives. I’d love to be that kind of blog, but I don’t have any specific talents and everything I can do, I know many that can do it much better. I wish I was smarter so I could help more, but I’m the student and probably always will be.

I recently purchased a Steadicam vest and a Blackbird steadicam. I’m going to start practicing and post some videos showing the results. I have an idea for a music video / short film that I’m going to shoot in December and my skills have to be great to pull it off. Until then…

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