Pages 63 & 64.

I’ve recently come up with several new scenes. My favorite is near the ending when Martin goes to kill Sam. Sam’s wife, Claire will be in the room and she’s finally going to speak and Martin and Claire will be saying the same thing, but Sam will be responding to Claire but Martin thinks Sam’s talking to him. I think it will work out very well and be a fitting ending — until the twist.

But another scene I really like that I thought of was Jimmy hiring The Wolf to investigate Saul. Yes, The Wolf from Pulp Fiction and yes, I’m going to look into getting Harvey Keitel for a cameo. I have no idea how to do it, how much it will cost or if I can get the rights to the character, but I have to try it. It will be perfect for this kind of movie and I think audiences will really enjoy seeing The Wolf again. I know I would. I’ve been racking my brain on getting the perfect name actor into the movie that wouldn’t break the bank and help me sell the film to a distributor and I think this would be perfect. If there’s any actor that’s independent friendly with enough cred to get asses in seats, it’s Harvey Keitel.

(Pages 63 & 64)
Martin is driving Dino to the location.

So where are you keeping her?

You’ll know soon enough.

You haven’t done anything to her have you?

Done anything? You mean like fuck her? No, Dino, I haven’t fucked her.

You know what I mean.

Yeah, I know what you mean, that’s why I just said it.
So how’d you come up with the money.

I hit the lotto.

Okay. Don’t tell me.

I just did. Why won’t anyone believe me?

Because you’re a fucking liar, Dino, that’s why no one believes you. You’re just in bed with another loan shark, that’s all. Have fun skipping town.


Let me give you a tip to avoid all the mistakes you knuckleheads usually make. Don’t come back. Don’t contact anyone you know and love. Don’t use your name ever again. And I would leave the country if I were you. Otherwise, you’re dead.

Thanks for the tips.


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