Page 59.

I thought I was finished with the last scene, but I started thinking that wouldn’t it be interesting for Jimmy to have to watch the effects of what he’d done? So I decided to add another minute to it and have Jimmy watch Sam, an older man, struggle with getting pummeled. I’m not sure if it works, but I thought it would be interesting to try.

(Page 59)

(scene continued…..)

Jimmy walks around and has a seat at his desk.

Martin leans over and unties Sam. He then tries to help Sam up.

Sam spits up a mouthful of blood and he pulls out a tooth.

Ugh..great. I’m going to need dentures.

C’mon, let’s go.

Martin pulls Sam up. Sam stumbles away and hits the wall and tumbles to his ass.

The room is spinning.

The phone rings. Jimmy answers it.

Oh, yeah? I’ll be right up.

Jimmy hangs up.

Dino here’s.

Martin is standing over Sam still trying to help him up.

Let me guess. No money, still wants girl. I wonder what he has to offer?

Nothing I want I’m sure.
(to Sam)
Let’s go! I’ve got a business to run.

C’mon Sam, let’s go. You’re fine.

Fuck off. I’m not fine. I have a concussion.

Bullshit, let’s go.

Sam spits blood all over his t-shirt.

Oh, come on! There’s no need for that. Just swallow it.

Sam braces his hand on the wall, and with Martin’s help, manages to stand up. He sways while Martin cleans him up and puts on his clothes, like a son dressing a disabled father.

Jimmy just watches.


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