…starting to get back into the flow. I read my script this weekend and caught a ton of typos and mental mistakes. I’m not happy with the very last scene so I deleted it and am going to rewrite it. I’ve also added a little foreshadowing to make the ending a little easier to swallow.

Below is the addition to the scene where Sam drops off the money. As he pulls into the main street, off of the side street he’s on, he’s going to hit one of the kids on his bike. This happened to me when I was a kid, so I thought it would be fun to add a personal bit into the script. I think viewers will appreciate it at the end.

(Scenes 39 & 40)

Sam climbs up and out of the bridge. Gets in his car and drives away.


Sam pulls to the end of the street. He looks left to see if any cars are coming and pulls out into traffic. The car hits something. He looks to the right and doesn’t see anything.


Sam exits the car and goes to the front of the car. There’s a KID, 14, on a bike pinned under the car. The front tire has trapped the bike that has trapped the kid.

Shit, kid, you okay?

I can’t get up.

I’ll back up.

Sam gets into the car and backs up. The kid quickly hops up and peels away.

Sam opens the door and shouts…

Hey! You okay?

The kid shouts behind him as he races along…

Watch where you’re going, asshole.


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