Page 36.

The writing has slowed down. I feel like I’m in completely new territory. I did an outline of what I’d like to show during day two and it’s something like this:

  • Saul purchases a $25,000 diamond ring for his wife.
  • Martin finds out Perry made a large down payment on a piece of land.
  • We find out Martin likes to play poker and is pretty bad and loses a lot of money at it.
  • I also want to build upon Jimmy’s character, but am unsure on how to do that at this point. A work in progress. I need to do a Jimmy blog like I did for Sam.
  • Sam’s character arch. When should I reveal the Woman is Sam’s wife? When do I reveal how Sam killed her?

  • (page 36)

    The bar is empty. Lou is sitting at the bar watching TV when Sam walks in.

    Sam is still covered in mud from the tumble he took before.

    Hey, Sam. Glad to see you made it home safely last night.

    Yeah. Thanks for that.

    Lou gets up and walks behind the bar. He grabs the bottle of scotch and pulls out a tumbler.

    The usual?


    Lou pours him a scotch on the rocks and places the glass on a napkin in front of Sam.

    Sam seems distant, lost in thought. He places his hands near his head mimicking a prayer. The Woman is sitting on the bar stool next to him. He ignores her. He holds out his hands to see how steady they are and neither of them are shaking.

    You know what, Lou?

    What’s that?

    Sam pulls off his wedding ring and drops it in the scotch.

    I’m done drinking. How about a water?

    CUT TO:

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