Stupid platforms.

There’s now so many platforms and browsers and macs and pcs…it’s impossible to know which is and isn’t going to work when doing anything online. Apparently the widget to download my script isn’t available on macs. At least, I’ve been told by one reader, and I know it doesn’t work on the iPad. So if anyone wants to read it, please e-mail me and I’ll be happy to send you the PDF of the script.

Tomorrow, I plan on reading it for the first time. I just printed it off and, yep, there’s the most pages I’ve ever put into one project. I just read the first page and I already want to rewrite it. It’s going to be a long rewrite. It’s funny that I started working on a short film I want to shoot soon and I wrote the first four pages of it yesterday and I think it’s the best four pages I’ve ever written. Now if I can only make it one hundred and twenty pages of the best thing I’ve ever written and I might have a sell on my hands.

I discovered this video today on Go Into the Story:

Great stuff from Ira Glass and a nice job on the video by David Shiyang Liu.

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