Celtx problems.

Celtx recently updated their software and added a new “cloud” feature that was supposed to make it easier to use in projects with other people and personally across multiple platforms. I like the old software because I didn’t have a problem remembering to import and export the file from the server. Now, with the new “cloud” system, it’s supposed to be easier, without the need to export or import, just hit the cloud button. Well, twice I’ve tried it and lost work. I thought the first time, it was user error. Now I’m convinced the software doesn’t save properly. And while I almost always save it as a text or pdf file, sometimes I don’t when I don’t have wireless network access on my iPad. I’m lucky to have posted my pages on this blog so it’s an easy, but inconvenient, fix.

This is just to warn others using Celtx across multiple platforms. Be careful.

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