Pages seventy-five, seventy-six, seventy-seven and seventy-eight.

(pages 75,76,77 & 78)

Sam is standing in front of Sherry’s apartment door. He just stands there for several seconds. He places his balled up right-hand fist on the door to knock but hesitates. Instead he starts rummaging through his pockets and pulls out his knife. He opens it and gets it ready. With his knife in his right hand, he balls up his left hand and goes to knock. Again, he doesn’t. He starts taking in a series of rapid breaths much like a deep-sea diver does before they dive. He goes to knock.

Dino opens the door.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

Are you Dino?

Who wants to know.

Sam punches Dino square in the jaw. Dino sprawls backwards knocking frames off the walls as he clutches for something to grab on to.

Dino lands on his back.

What the fuck?

In trying to make himself seem intimidating, Sam extends his small three-inch blade out as far as he can.

How did you know I owed the money to Jimmy?

What? What money?

Sherry comes running out of the bedroom.

She sees Dino on the ground and kneels down to help him.

Now what’s going on? How many people do you know that want to kill you, Dino?

I don’t even know who the fuck this guy is. Go call the cops, babe.

Don’t go anywhere.

Fuck you. Go call them.

Sherry gets up and goes for the phone. Sam tries to hop over Dino, but Dino grabs his leg. As Sam falls down, he grabs Sherry’s hair and pulls her down.

You motherfucker!

Dino climbs on Sam’s back and starts punching him in the kidneys, back and the back of the head.

I’m going to kill you, you motherfucker.

Dino is relentless with his punching.

Sherry extracts herself from Sam’s clutches and stands up. She doesn’t know what to do. Dino is a wild man flailing with everything he’s got.

Motherfucker! Motherfucker!

Sam takes a firm grip of his knife and reaches back in a desperation move, swipes the blade at Dino’s face. He misses the face, but slices the jugular instead. Blood starts squirting like a faucet.


Dino sees the blood pouring on his hands.

What the?

Dino holds his throat.

Oh my God?

Dino keeps checking the blood on his hands like he can’t believe it.

Call the hospital, babe.

Sherry runs to the phone.

Sam can see the phone line from where he’s laying. He cuts it.

Sherry picks up the phone, but there is no dial-tone.

It’s dead.

Sherry looks and sees that Sam has cut the line.

What the fuck did you do? You bastard!

Sherry starts beating Sam over the head with the phone. Sam covers up for a second and then plunges the knife into Sherry’s ankle.


Sherry falls over clutching her ankle.

Sam pushes Dino off of himself and climbs on top of Sherry. He starts jabbing the knife into her chest repeatedly until she stops moving. He’s killed her.

Sam stares at Sherry for several seconds. He then closes her eyes. He climbs off of her and stands up. As soon as he stands up, he keels over puking.

Sam wipes the puke off of his face with his bloodied shirt, smearing blood all over his face. He takes his hands and tries to wipe the blood off of them with the other. It doesn’t work.

Sam looks at the mess he’s created. There’s blood everywhere.

Sam exits.


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