Pages forty-three and forty-four.

I read a screenwriting article by Patrick Sheane Duncan once about writing every single day. It was a motivational article about getting off of your ass and just writing. He says a funny thing starts to happen, you start thinking about your script all the time. After the first forty pages, I thought he was full of shit, but last night I actually started thinking about it. I actually came up with two more scenes that come later in the film. Let’s hope it starts a trend.

(pages 43 & 44)

Dino charges into the restaurant.

Jimmy is seated alone at a booth, reading a paper, near the front of the restaurant.

Dino rushes over with a briefcase full of money. He opens it and thrusts it into Sam’s face.

Here, here it all is. It’s all there. Where is she.

Jimmy puts his paper away and looks around at his customers then at Dino.

Put it away. Close it. Sit down.

Dino closes it.

Perry descends the steps towards Dino.

Dino has a seat across Jimmy.

Where is she Jimmy? I want her back.

Are you fucking crazy calling my restaurant talking about business and barging in here throwing that kind of money around?

Perry has a seat next to Dino and slides so close that Dino is trapped and unable to move.

This is a business. I have cops in here all the time.

I’m not the one kidnapping people.

Perry squeezes in closer.


You have a lot of fucking nerve. I oughta shoot you right fucking here just for being stupid.

TWO POLICE OFFICERS enter the restaurant.

(under his breath)

Jimmy stands up and walks over to greet the Officers.

Hello, gentlemen. Come in, come in.

Jimmy grabs two menus.

The hostess STELLA walks over.

That’s okay, Stella. I’ll seat them. Right this way, officers.

Jimmy escorts them to a booth clear across the other side of the restaurant away from Dino.

Perry stares at Dino. Dino is afraid to look back.

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