Pages twelve and thirteen

I’m not sure if I technically wrote the scene properly. The action is Sam getting the money and taking it to the drop off point. The dialogue is Scene One continued. I hope it makes sense.

As for the drop off point, I need to go look for a good location so I can accurately set that up. I’ll probably go generic, but I love it when I recognize places in movies and I’m trying to do the same thing here.

(pages 12 & 13)
Sam sits patiently waiting for his money.

OFFSCREEN A telephone rings several times.

SAM (V.O.)

Where the fuck is my money?

SAM (V.O.)

You fucking heard me. Where the fuck is my money?

SAM (V.O.)
I’ve been busy getting it set up. I’ll have it tomorrow and bring it by.

Murphy brings the suitcase of money, sits down, opens it up and shows it to Sam.

That’s no good.

Sam picks up one of the rolls of money and counts the money in the roll.

SAM (V.O.)
No? Why not?

Sam finishes counting the money in the roll and starts counting the numbers of rows. He finishes and closes the briefcase.


Sam is in his car driving.

There’s too much heat here. I need to you to drop it off at a different location.

SAM (V.O.)
Where at?

Blah, blah, blah….I need to do some research here and come up with a good spot in downtown Detroit for Sam to put the money. I’d like an obscure place where he can throw the money in a dumpster. I’d also like him to fall into a mud puddle while doing it. These commands start annoying Sam.

SAM (V.O.)
Are you fucking with me? I’m not a god damn errand boy. Send one of your lackeys.


Sam exits the car with the briefcase and starts walking to the location.

Hey, asshole! Who owes who money here? Shut the fuck up and do what I say.

He walks down a grass patch and stumbles at the bottom of the hill and falls into a puddle of mud.

SAM (V.O.)
Then are you done with directions or do I need to hire a stenographer?

Sam finds a dumpster and stuffs the briefcase in it.

The money better fucking be there.

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