This past weekend I got the opportunity to work with Raleigh filmmaker Nic Beery on the set of his latest short film 12. After witnessing the performances and viewing the dailies, I’m pretty excited about the possibilities of this piece.  Made from a two page script and taking only two days to shoot, there’s surprisingly a lot going on in this film. Not only do I believe this will be a festival worthy piece, but I think it will open some doors for future work in the Raleigh area. I’m also excited about the new leads for extremely talented cast and crew members for when I start getting my films off the ground and running.

Cast & Crew:

Nic Beery — Director / Producer / Writer / Editor

Samir Arora — Line Producer

Stephen van Vuren — Director of Photography

Ismail Abdelkhalek — Key Grip / Makeup / Special Effects / Actor

Piper Kessler — Audio

Ted Mott — Audio

Jason Rizzo — Production Assistant / Photographer

Lani Simeona — Craft Services

Jill Deweese-Frank — Craft Services

Melissa Lozoff — Actor

Tony Hughes — Actor

Diana Chiritescu — Actor

William Lilly — Actor

Wanda Lilly — Baby Wrangler

A couple of stills:




Stephen, Nic, Diana & Super Duper Jib Arm

Closer look at jib arm. Patent pending.

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