The dotMatrix scene in Greensboro, North Carolina

Last night, I got the pleasure to film another dotMatrix show, the fourth one I’ve done so far. It’s amazing the talent DMP creator Sean Coon has found in such a small area. With all kinds of musical acts ranging from rock (Sorry about Dresden), rockabilly (The Tremors), alternative (Citified), hip hop (Mr. Rozzi), spoken word (Universal Mathematics), bluegrass (Old Stone Revue), folk (Bruce Piephoff), local legends (Jim Avett), and just plain weird, but awesome, (Janik) you never know what kind of great music you’re bound to hear at a dotMatrix concert. It kind of reminds me of the music scene I left in Detroit, renowned for its music with featured acts that would become national ones like Eminem, the White Stripes, Obie Trice, Kid Rock, Taproot, etc., etc., and is twice the size of the Greensboro area. I wouldn’t be surprised to see several dmp acts go national.

Not only is Sean able to get great musicians to play for free, he’s able to get great sound engineers, photographers and filmmakers to document the event. Every show Sean has produced comes with a live album, tons of press photos and a video for the musicians to use however they’d like. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, especially the fans that don’t even have to pay to see them. Did I forget to mention it’s free? So if you haven’t taken the opportunity to get involved by either performing, capturing or just being there, make sure you do. Otherwise, you’ll be missing the scene going on right beneath your feet.

Here are some photos from last nights “Get the Folk Out!” show:

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