Pages forty-seven and forty-eight.

This scene I’m currently writing is starting to get away from me. I’m not enjoying it and I hate when conversations summarize an entire movie, like the one below. I’d like to print out a copy and read it all at once, but I’ve been away from home without access to a printer. So I haven’t been able to go over what I’ve written and make notes along the way. I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I’ll fix it in the rewrite.

(pages 47 & 48)

Sam enters and sees Jimmy sitting near the entrance.

Sam storms over.

What the fuck is going on, Jimmy?

Sam notices the briefcase on the table.

What the fuck is this? This is my briefcase!

What do you mean, your briefcase? Someone else just came in here with it.

I mean, this is the briefcase I dropped off to you the other night. The one Martin says you didn’t get.

What do you mean the other night?

What am I, talking in riddles? I feel like I’m starting to lose my mind here. If someone doesn’t start explaining things to me, I’m going to do things you’ll regret.

Sam, Sam calm down. Have a seat.

Sam sits down and inspects the briefcase.

Start from the top. Tell me the story from the beginning.

Okay, the other night, Tuesday night, er, Wednesday morning, at three in the morning, I get a phone call asking for the money. I thought it was Martin, but he says it wasn’t him nor was it you. But anyways, the caller told me to drop it off down by the river because there was too much heat here at the restaurant. So I did. Then Martin comes around wanting the money that I already gave and I come in here and see it sitting right in front of you. Now I’m pissed because I think Martin is trying to double dip on me.

What do you know about this, Perry?

All I know is that Martin was starting to lean on Sam because the money was due. We heard the story he was telling and it sounded like bullshit to us.

It sounds like bullshit to me to.

Oh, come on…

How would Dino know you owe me money? Dino doesn’t even know you. Do you know Dino?

No, I don’t know any Dino.

There you go.

Then he must know you’re business and he’s the one that called me and stole the money.

Let’s find out.

Jimmy takes out his phone and calls Martin.


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